Hello, I’m Noah but you can call me DinoDad!


I got my start figuring out comedy when I lived in Chicago in the year 2003. I practiced at Improv Olympic (now called I.O.) I traveled to Seoul, South Korea after and also performed on an improv team known as Seoul City Improv. I moved to Seattle in 2008. I took a break from comedy to start a family. I now have a lovely daughter and sweet son.  I love helping people achieve their goals; I have found fulfillment helping comedians network, meet other performers, producers, and find other opportunities. This has been a very meaningful  way for me to be involved with my love of comedy and performance.

If you are interested in trying out comedy, just show up to The Waterwheel  Lounge on Wednesdays! If Seattle can make grunge our thing we sure as hell can make comedy our thing too!

Noah also produces monthly comedy shows at The NorthStar Diner's Shanghai Room every 4th Thursday of the month!